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Fun Activities for Getting Kids Outside

Crafts and activities that encourage families to spend more time in nature.
Kids playing rocket game Rocket To Me

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make -- and enjoy -- this simple toy.

  1. Cut three triangular fins from paper, fold over an edge to form a flap, and glue the flaps to a toilet paper tube. Draw rocket ship parts on paper and glue them on the tube as shown.
  2. Thread two 6-foot lengths of curling ribbon through the rocket and tie a plastic ring (we used kid-size bangle bracelets) to each of the four ends.
  3. To play, two children each take a pair of rings and stand a few feet apart so that the ribbon is slightly taut. Slide the rocket close to one child. She launches it by quickly spreading the rings apart. The other child returns the rocket in the same way.