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Fun Activities for Getting Kids Outside

Crafts and activities that encourage families to spend more time in nature.
Two kids jumping in the snow Snow Jump

Give a track-and-field classic a kid-friendly spin by taking advantage of snow's natural padding. Jumpers always have a soft landing, and footprints are marked automatically! Have each participant choose a stick and tie on a distinctive ribbon or string. Draw a jumping line in some fresh snow. To play, each jumper stands behind the line, swings his arms, and jumps forward as far as he can. Mark his landing by placing his stick where his back heel (or other body part) touches down closest to the start line. The jumper who goes farthest wins.

Did you know?

The standing long jump was an official Olympic Games event from 1900 to 1912. The longest jump on record is 11.4 feet.

Originally published in the February 2015 issue of FamilyFun magazine.