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Gifts Kids Can Make

Get creative with these handmade ideas that are fun (and inexpensive!) to craft and give
Sock monster jar Sock Monster Madness

All the materials needed for making quirky creatures are snugly tucked into this fuzzy-topped sewing set. Because the instructions are open-ended, the lucky recipient is free to make his monsters as whimsical as he likes.

Give It to: Cousins, siblings, or monster-minded friends

The Jar: You'll need a roomy one to fit the batting. Ours is about 7 inches square and 8 1/2 inches tall.

What's Inside: Batting, 2 long socks, embroidery floss, fabric glue, thread, needles, pins, buttons, felt, faux fur, child-size scissors, and instructions for making the monsters (download ours below)

Wrap It Up: Use double-sided tape to attach a faux fur circle to the lid, and embellish the rim with colored tape. Around the neck of the jar, hang a chain with a card stock tag that says "Make-Your-Own-Monster Lab." Attach a large googly eye to the other side of the tag with glue.

Originally published in the December/January 2015 issue of FamilyFun magazine.