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How to Make Veggie Purees for Babies

Homemade veggie purees are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients for your baby. Learn how to make 12 favorites at home with our easy step-by-step guides.
vegetable puree Homemade Veggie Purees for Baby

It's so easy to whip up healthy meals for your little one using fresh vegetables. Pediatricians generally advise that you start with green veggies first, because they're less sweet than yellow veggies and fruits. (If Baby has the sweet stuff first, she might be less willing to eat foods that aren't sweet later.) Rather than buying baby food at the store, why not make your baby's veggie purees at home? If you do, you'll know exactly what's in your baby's food, and you'll also save money, since store-bought baby foods tend to be more expensive than homemade.

Click on the following slides to learn how to make 12 popular vegetable purees. Be sure to wait three to four days between new foods in case your child has an allergic reaction.