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Erica Hill's Family Dinner Fix

When the CBS This Morning cohost sounded the alarm that her meal planning was stuck in a rut, the Parents team swooped in with slow-cooker recipes and tips every busy mom can use.
Erica Hill and her family

If anyone could use the excuse "I'm too tired to cook," it's Erica Hill. She wakes up at 2:45 A.M. every weekday to cohost CBS This Morning. "I enjoy making dinner for my family, and feeding them healthy meals is important to me," says Hill. Still, when the journalist invited Parents to visit her New York City apartment a few months ago, she was candid that planning meals for her husband, business owner David Yount, and their boys, Weston, 5, and Sawyer, 2, had become increasingly frustrating. "Many weeks I rotate the same three or four dishes, even though our kids aren't picky eaters," says Hill. "Plus, dinner has turned into a marathon event; the boys are eating slower, and Sawyer constantly wants to get out of his chair."

To help Hill finish in the kitchen faster and avoid dinner burnout, Parents hooked her up with two experts: food coach Jenna Helwig, founder of Rosaberry, a personal-chef and culinary-instruction service in Brooklyn, New York, and Carolyn Ievers-Landis, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, in Cleveland. Eavesdrop on the advice they gave her and pick up recipes and tips that will help you spend less time cooking and correcting, and more time savoring the food and family conversation.