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Plaster Plaques Projects

Using plaster of Paris and some items from around your house, you can create amazing summer keepsakes.
Plaster Plaques

For open-ended, hands-on fun, nothing beats messing with plaster. Kids will love the process of pressing cool doodads into clay, using foil to create a simple mold, and pouring in plaster of Paris. When dry, the results are amazing and make a fab camp keepsake -- or a fantastic Dad's Day gift. We used plastic animals, tools, and costume jewelry, but almost any hard object works (and any clay residue rinses right off after you're done).

You Will Need:

Waxed paper
Rolling pin
Sculpting or play clay
Butter knife
Plastic or metal animals, tools, costume jewelry, toy cars, or other objects
Aluminum foil
Mixing spoon
Plaster of Paris
Wire (we used 22 gauge)