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Kid-Friendly Whole Grain Dishes

Picky or adventurous, your family will devour these whole-grain dishes from our new cookbook, Parents Quick & Easy Kid-Friendly Meals.

Don't sweat it if your child isn't keen on whole-wheat bread or still prefers white rice to brown. There are more than a dozen other whole grains she can try. "Children need about six servings of grains daily, and three or more of them should be whole grains because they have more nutrients and help kids feel full longer," says Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., author of The Flexitarian Diet. So instead of helping persuade your picky eater to try the whole-grain version of pasta, bread, or another food when she's already accustomed to a certain flavor, we goofed around with grains that she's probably never tasted before. Sample easy recipes from our cookbook Parents Quick & Easy Kid-Friendly Meals (it's awesome, if we do say so ourselves) -- and let your family meet and eat some whole grains.