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A Guide to Spring Veggies

Take advantage of spring's bounty with delicious recipes hosting the season's finest.
Peas Peas

Delicate spring peas are a classic kid-favorite and an easy addition to many of our favorite recipes.

Buy: When buying fresh peas, look for brightly colored pods with no dry scarring. Snap one in half -- they should be crisp and juicy when broken.

Store: Keep peas in a plastic bag in the refrigerator and wash them just before cooking.

Prepare: Peas are often boiled or steamed to soften them up and bring out the natural sweetness. Transfer to cold water immediately after cooking to keep them crisp and bright green. English peas have a tough pod and need to be shelled, but many other varieties can be eaten pod and all. Toss them into pasta or serve them as a stand-alone side dish.