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Toddler Books for Big Emotional Milestones

From meeting a new sibling to losing a lovey, learn more about the important emotional moments a toddler can experience along with the books that can help with healthy childhood development.
Little girl reading

There are toddler milestones all parents expect and look forward to (first steps, first words, first foods) that are met with excitement and recorded with pride. But sometimes there are big, unexpected emotional events that may leave parents worried about the effects on their toddler's development. These include moving, the loss of a pet, or a divorce -- all situations that can leave parents uncertain about how to give guidance and relief. In times of turmoil and trouble, age-appropriate children's books can be a great aid to help toddlers understand confusing situations. Stories can explain traumatic situations in simple ways and provide the necessary words that parents struggle to say. Here are the biggest emotional milestones toddlers go through, along with book recommendations for each situation to help them accept difficult changes.