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The Coolest Toys From Toy Fair 2012

Check out the 18 showstoppers your little ones will be begging for from this year's Toy Fair.
Symphony in B. & The Woofer Symphony in B.

These two musical toys are a small taste of the vibrant and unique toys from B. The Symphony in B. allows kids to be conductors and composers by choosing up to 6 world instruments (out of 13) to place in the center of an "orchestra" while also playing 15 familiar nursery and classical songs. As each song plays, it adapts itself to the various instruments.

Age: 3 to 13
Price: $39.99

The Woofer's whimsical shape allows kids to rock 'n' roll by dancing and humming to 20 songs (good for developing vocabulary). Kids can also try out different sounds with the push of different buttons. A companion instrument, the cat-shaped "Meowsic" keyboard, extends the garage band fun!

Age: 2 to 6
Price: $39.99