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Make a Leap Day Birthday Special

The actual day comes only every four years, so make sure it's a memorable event for your little one.
birthday Let your child know how special this date is

Only one in 1,461 people are born on Leap Day (February 29), with about 200,000 across the country and 4 million worldwide. So the mere act of being born on this day is exceptional, and you want your child -- and possibly everyone else -- to know it. "A birthday lawn sign or an ad in the local paper honoring your child's unique day is a fun shout-it-out-to-the-world way to pay special attention," says event planner Leesa Zelken, CEO of Send in the Clowns in Los Angeles (www.sendintheclownsla.com).

You can also put the spotlight on your Leap Day little one by making her a special button, T-shirt, or cap to wear on the day. This way, everywhere she goes people will be sure to stop to wish her a happy birthday!