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Time-Saving Workout: 15 Minutes to Firm

You don't need to log long, sweaty sessions at the gym to get show-off muscles.
time saving workouts

When you're a mom, time-saving tricks aren't just useful -- they're essential. The same goes for exercise, and it turns out you can become sculpted and sleeker with just two 15-minute workouts a week, says Fred Hahn, creator of the Slow Burn fitness routine and owner of SeriousStrength.com. The secret is to perform fewer repetitions of your usual strength-training moves at a slow-motion pace (five seconds up and five seconds down, minimum) until you feel like you can't possibly do one more rep. "This steady, controlled motion better engages all of your muscle fibers to tone and strengthen in a shorter amount of time," says Hahn. Do these moves as many times as you can while maintaining proper form. If you find them too easy, slow down your pace even more.