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Surprising Places Real Moms Have Given Birth

For some moms, where they deliver turns out to be a huge surprise. Read stories of real moms who delivered on a plane, in the post office, perched in a tree, and more!
Woman giving birth in kitchen

On the kitchen floor
Dorothy Price
Charlotte, North Carolina

Price's ob-gyn sent her home from the hospital twice and told her to return when she was "keeled over and unable to talk." So she sucked up the pain and kept busy, running errands with her sister. Upon returning home, and even though her contractions weren't five minutes apart, she called the doc at 3:30 p.m. and managed to say, "In labor. Baby coming now!" The nurse instructed Price to dial 911. "I walked into the kitchen and held onto the counter to brace myself," Price says. Just as the baby was crowning, the fire department and paramedics arrived. After two pushes, Kaden Amir was born on the floor.