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How to Make Fruit Purees for Babies

Homemade fruit purees are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients for your baby. Learn how to make 13 favorites at home with our easy step-by-step guides.
baby food fruit purees Homemade Fruit Purees

Babies typically start fruit with their morning meal after they've tried several green and yellow veggies. Rather than buying baby food at the store, consider making your baby's fruit purees at home. There are many advantages to the DIY approach, including knowing exactly what's in your baby's food and saving money since store-bought baby food tends to be more expensive than homemade.

Click on the following slides to learn how to make 13 popular fruit purees. We'll also tell you how to freeze leftover fruit puree, and what to mix with it once your baby is ready to try combination purees. Be sure to wait 3 to 4 days between new foods in case of an allergic reaction.