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How to Break Out of Your Mommy Rut

Do you suffer from Groundhog Day Syndrome? You know, where every day seems exactly the same? We have the antidote.
How to Break Out of Your Mommy Rut Shaking Things Up

As a mom, I've got fortune-telling powers. I can tell you what tomorrow is going to be like: It will be just like today ... and yesterday and the day before that.

The daily drill goes something like this: make breakfast; pack lunches; drop kids at school; work; schlep kids to activities; check homework; eat dinner; give baths; read books; kiss good night. Throw in a little dog-walking, laundry-folding while hanging on the couch with similarly comatose husband, and collapse.

I'm not going to get out of my duties of making beds and PB&J sandwiches anytime soon, and I know I'm lucky to have the family I do. But I wondered: Must every day feel like the one before? On behalf of all of you GDS-suffering moms, I set out to find the answer. I'm happy to report that it's no. Here's the fix.