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Festive & Fun Hanukkah Crafts & Recipes

Celebrate all eight nights of the Festival of Lights with a different craft and recipe every day.
Menorah Menorah Craft

Make this no-flame menorah craft for a kid-friendly Hanukkah countdown.

What You'll Need: wooden spools, number stickers, acrylic paints in different shades of blue, sponge brushes, pencil, rubber band, colored pencils, yellow eraser pencil toppers

Make it: Line up and label the sides of eight spools from 1 to 8 with number stickers, and add one larger spool to the center. To make it easier to paint a spool, wrap a rubber band around a pencil a third of the way down and insert it into the spool. Use a sponge brush to dab paint on the spool. Let dry completely and remove sticker. Line spools up in numerical order from right to left, with the taller spool in the middle or on the left. Insert a colored pencil into a spool each night and "light" by capping with an eraser.