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Little Big Moments: Your Child's Milestones

Birthdays and graduations tug at our heartstrings. But many other smaller milestones touch us in ways the big events sometimes don't.
newborn baby crying When the Umbilical Cord Falls Off

That dried-out lump sat in my baby's belly button for days, preventing me from bathing her and sparking much marital discord: "Fold the diaper down! How could you forget to fold it down?!" I also had the privilege of dealing with a stump infection. (If you've ever sniffed around, wondering if there was a dead mouse somewhere on your newborn, then you know the joy of that particular experience.) So I was startled when I found myself mourning a little after the stump was gone. And yet it made sense: It was the last sign of the bond that my child and I had shared for nine (long, excruciating) months.