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Countdown to Christmas: Best Advent Calendars

Keep your kids excited about the holidays with a calendar filled with sweet surprises for every day in December.
Clever Countdown Clever Countdown

With its 24 openings, a mini-muffin pan makes a perfect base for a treat-filled Advent calendar. Because the numbered coverings are held on by magnets, you'll be able to bake with the pan again after Christmas.

1. Cut 24 circles 2 1/4 inches wide from a 12- by 24-inch adhesive magnetic sheet. Adhere them to patterned paper, then cut them out.

2. With a 1-inch circular punch, make 24 paper circles. Number them and use a glue stick to attach them to the magnetic circles.

3. If you'd like to hang the muffin pan with a ribbon, make two holes (see tip below).

4. Fill the muffin wells with tiny toys, stickers, bite-size candies, notes, and activity suggestions.

Crafter's Tip: To hang the pan on a wall, set one rim on a block of wood and use a hammer and a nail to make two holes. Loop a ribbon through them and tie.