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Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving Crafts

Party designers Sara Westbrook and Brittany Egbert of Onecharmingparty.com designed an adorable Thanksgiving table that your little pilgrims will adore.
Brown Bag Turkey Turkey Treat

The kids will be thrilled when they get to dig into this popcorn centerpiece.

What you'll need
White paper
Grocery bag
Turkey-roasting bag
Popcorn, regular and caramel
2 brown lunch bags
Large resealable plastic bags
Hot-glue gun

Make it
1. To make the frills, cut a sheet of standard printer paper in half lengthwise. Fold each half in half, lengthwise. Make small cuts with scissors on folded edges to create loops.
2. For the turkey body, round the corners of a large paper grocery bag. (If you can't find a large plain brown bag, carefully turn a printed bag inside out.) Fill the roasting bag with popcorn and put inside sack. Fold the opening of the grocery bag in and tuck the bottom edge under, using hot glue to secure the edge closed.
3. To make the drumsticks, put your fist in each of the corners of a small paper bag and use your other hand to mold and round the edges. Fill a resealable plastic bag 2/3 of the way to the top with caramel corn and place in paper bag. Gather the opening of the bag and twist tightly. Hot-glue the beginning of the length of frill and wrap it around the twisted part of the lunch bag; hot-glue the end of the frill to hold in place. Repeat to make a second drumstick.
4. Use hot glue to attach drumsticks to sides of turkey body.
5. Cut plus sign on the top of the turkey and the legs, through both bags, to enjoy the popped treat.