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Creative Ways to Preserve Memories

Tired of boring baby books? Try one of these fun and unusual ways to make the most of your little one's milestones.
Baby shadow box The Shadow Box

A shadow box frame is an affordable and easy way to showcase not only baby photos, but also special mementos such as a prized toy or baby rattle. "What I love about creating shadow boxes is that anything looks charming and artistic when contained in the box," says Jeanie Engelbach, a professional organizer who archives photos for her clients (www.photojeanie.com). She uses swatches of wallpaper from the baby's room or a collage of congratulatory cards scanned for the box's background. "The precious mementos of infancy can be properly archived while proudly being displayed. I've also designed these boxes as year in the life, which is an interesting diversion from the photo library."

Other items that can be included are your baby shower invite, the birth announcement, a cherished romper, and the baby's handprints and footprints. You can hang the box anywhere in your home, and utilize the top and bottom of the box. "I place items too large or bulky to fit inside, such as baby blocks spelling out the name or a baby rattle, suspended from the frame," Engelbach says.