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Lovely Leaf Crafts for Kids

Scoop up some leaves from your lawn and turn your fall chores into fun fall crafting.
girl holding Family Tree leaf craft Family Tree

What you'll need: cookie tray, glue, scrapbook paper, construction paper, scissors, family photos, leaves, white paper, crayons, marker

Make it: Start by gluing some fun scrapbook paper to the bottom of a cookie tray. Then, make your tree out of construction paper -- cutting out and gluing on a trunk, a tree top, and a little sign with your family's name. Once your tree's in place, glue down some family photos with a square of construction paper to serve as mini frames. Make a leaf rubbing for each member of the family by placing a leaf (vein side up) between two pieces of plain white paper and rubbing a crayon over the top sheet. Cut out your leaf rubbings, mark each with your family member's name and birthday, and glue according to your photos.