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Hands-Off Cooking for Simple Family Suppers

The key to this menu plan is sticking to largely hands-off recipes and making more than your family will eat at one meal to guarantee leftovers later in the week.
family eating

It's 5:45 and you've been chasing the kids around the house since the alarm went off this morning. Now they're hungry and you've got 20 minutes to get a healthy and delicious meal on the table before all hell breaks loose. Some stressed-out moms would turn to packaged freezer items, but you planned ahead! During your little one's short naptime, you managed to get super simple ingredients together and into the oven. Now, with just a few more minutes of active cooking time, you've got a great homemade meal on the table. Success!

So maybe this doesn't exactly sound like your house on a typical weeknight. That's okay, because we're here to help. Follow our easy strategy for handling the daily dinner dilemma!