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7 Ways Life Changes When You Become a Dad

You're counting down the days until you become a dad--the moment your life changes forever. Here are seven changes you can expect as you embark into fatherhood.
baby sleeping

No one has to tell you that when you become a dad, your life is forever changed. In the months leading up to my son's birth, I politely smiled and nodded as well-meaning people kept trying to prepare me for fatherhood by telling me the same tired cliches: "Say goodbye to your social life!" or "Get plenty of sleep now, because soon you'll be wishing you could." (As if it's possible to stockpile sleep for later use). Sure, there is some truth in their advice, but there's also a bright side to the social and psychological changes you go through after becoming a dad. Read on to learn seven ways your life will change when Baby arrives, and how to embrace the differences.