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10 Reasons to Love the Terrible Twos

Dealing with the terrible twos? They may not be so horrible after all -- find out why this is a magical age for memories and self-discovery.
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At a recent dinner party, moms shared stories of their little cherubs suddenly turning into terrible, hard-headed toddlers. Snuggles and smiles had been traded for tantrums and time-outs. Baths had become battles and dinnertime a danger zone. They swapped war stories ("Well, if you think that's bad...") and said they couldn't wait for this stage to pass. I nodded and agreed, but I couldn't help feeling a tug at my heartstrings. As much as the terrible twos come with their own set of challenges, they're also a time of great milestones and imagination. Even in the hard moments, I am completely smitten with my blossoming little creature and his strong spirit. Even in his despondent "no's," he is finding a voice all his own. So I celebrate the reasons to love this pivotal age, knowing that one day I will look back and wish it hadn't passed so quickly. Here are ten reasons why you should appreciate the terrible twos.