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7 On-the-Go Travel Games and Activities

Keep the kids entertained on the go with travel games, toys, and activities that will increase their attention span.
traveling with toddler

The idea of traveling with a toddler can strike fear in the hearts of some of the most seasoned parents. Some days your 3-year-old sits quietly while flipping through the pages of a book; other days a 5-minute drive to the grocery store is pure chaos. You can keep your toddler happy and entertained while on the go with a little extra planning and a little extra baggage. Keep in mind your mode of travel: If you're taking a road trip in the family car, take whatever noisemakers you can handle. If you're flying, choose options that are less intrusive to passengers around you. Toddlers have short attention spans, so bring games, toys, and activities your child already loves that will provide extended diversion. Here are seven ideas for keeping your little one busy and happy on family trips.