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12 Twists on Summer Fun

Say bye-bye to the B-word (boredom) with these mom-tested ways to rekindle the thrill of summer.
Kids holding water balloons If you like backyard ball games, try water-balloon ball

Nothing makes a splash like a game of water-balloon ball. This simple activity can be enjoyed by four players or more, says Len Saunders, a children's fitness expert and author of Keeping Kids Fit. Here's how:

Gather supplies: You'll need 25 to 50 small balloons, a wiffle ball bat, two bases, a garbage can, and a basketball.

Fill the balloons with water. "It takes only about 10 minutes," says Saunders. Keep them in a trash bag or large bin.

When a batter hits a water balloon, it'll explode—cue squeals of delight—and the batter runs from home base to the second base, placed wherever you like.

Meanwhile, a player from the opposing team tries to shoot the basketball into the garbage can, placed behind home base. "A shooting line designated by both teams must be respected," says Saunders. "If a player misses the shot, she can chase the ball and throw it back to one of her teammates waiting on the shooting line, so she may take another shot." If the shot is made before the batter returns to home plate, he's 'out,' and the opposing team gets a point. If not, the batting team gets a point.