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Your Hassle-Free Vacation Guide

Vacationing with kids can be challenging enough. Don't let these 10 common mistakes steal your fun.
traveling with kids 1. "My kids won't be happy unless I pack a lot of toys"

False! What most moms find is that quality beats quantity in the toy department. Two weeks before the trip, let your child pick a few favorites to take along, then put those away so they'll be a bit more interesting. Add to your stash with a handful of toys reserved for travel only. Make one bag for plane or road trips, and tuck a few extra items into your suitcase for the hotel room.

My kids always enjoyed a blow-up ball in the hotel or for the pool and a LeapPad for the car. Books on tape can be enjoyed in the car or plane, and when it's time to turn off all electronic devices, there's great fun to be had with sticker books, magnetic travel games, and Magna-Doodles (there's even a new clip-on Doodle Pro that's drop-proof).