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How to Kick 10 Bad Habits Before Getting Pregnant

You know there are a lot of things you can't do, eat, or drink once you're pregnant, but did you know you should also change your lifestyle when you're trying to conceive? Put out those cigarettes, pass on that glass of wine, and say sayonara to your triple-shot lattes from Starbucks. Here are the bad habits you need to ditch, and, more important, how to do it.
woman drinking red wine

Your body may not always be a temple, and we all have our little indulgences, whether it's a fondness for cupcakes or a nightly glass of Cabernet. But when you start to plan for a baby, it's time to start thinking about someone else's health besides yours, because what happens to your body happens to your future baby, too. It's not only drugs, alcohol and smoking that you need to be aware of -- habits like junk food and over-exercising can interfere with your ability to conceive and potentially cause harm to your baby.

"Kicking habits before pregnancy is a wonderful way to begin to prepare for motherhood," explains Miami Beach, Florida-based psychiatrist, Eva Ritvo, M.D. "You're taking responsibility for your body and making sure that your child will have every advantage that you can offer him."

The sooner you get started kicking those bad habits, the better -- for you, your pregnancy and your baby - and the prospect of getting pregnant may be all the motivation you need. Good luck!