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Secrets of Happy, Healthy Families

Bike rides, creative meals, laughing out loud--it's easy to have fun if you just know how. Try these mom-tested ideas.
Susannah Felts and her family Making Healthy Fun

At last! Warm weather has returned, and my family and I (pictured) are eager to get out and enjoy it as much as we can. One of our favorite ways: a predinner family run or bike ride with our 3-year-old (she hitches a ride in the jogging stroller or her seat on the back of my husband's bike), ending at the playground so the kiddo can get some exercise (and we can cool down on a park bench). I rarely feel more positive about my parenting job performance than during these outings. We're having fun, modeling healthy activity for our daughter, and showing her that fitness can be a built-in perk of together time.

Habits like this one are the stuff that happy, healthy families are made of—from smart eating and exercise to discipline and downtime. And they're surprisingly simple to incorporate into your daily routines. Keep reading for more inspiring ways, time-tested by real moms, dads, and kids, to help you and your loved ones flourish—body, mind, and spirit.