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13 Mother's Day Crafts Ideas for Kids

These thoughtful Mother's Day gifts are perfect for little hands to make. Parents should determine which steps are age-appropriate for kids.
Tote bags Forget-Me-Not Tote Bags

Paint tote bags to carry groceries at the supermarket or toys at the beach.

What You'll Need: Canvas tote bags, fabric paints, sponge brush, old newspapers

Make It: Lay out the old newspapers to make cleanup easier. Dip the sponge brush into paint and paint the entire palm of your child's hand. Have her press handprints onto the tote in a radiating circle to resemble the petals of a flower. Use the brush to paint a center for the flower, a stem, and a leaf. Personalize further by writing, stamping, or stenciling "Mom" on each bag. Let the totes dry for about four hours, then stuff with goodies.