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Boost Your Body Confidence

Parents polled moms about their top body bummers and the biggest issues were arms, belly, and overall weight. Then we brought in fitness expert Tracey Mallett, creator of the Get Your Body Back DVD, to design three fitness plans to get you in great shape.
Tracey Mallett Lose Weight All Over

For a superfast slimdown you need a combination of cardio and strength-training moves, where you alternate between short feel-the-burn bursts and lower-intensity periods. To see results in just five weeks, do the 18-minute routine below three times a week, plus some other form of cardio twice a week (like walking or jogging for 20 to 30 minutes). Select the arm and ab moves from the following pages, and increase the length of your cardio bursts to two minutes over time. For even faster results, do the routine twice through each time, changing your strength and cardio picks the second time through.

Choose one of the following cardio burst moves:

Repeat routine four times, choosing a different cardio burst move each time.