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Your Changing Body Week-by-Week

From the time of conception until the time you give birth, your body is going to go through some major changes. Find out what to expect with our week-by-week look at your changing body.
pregnant mom in underwear looking in mirror at bare belly Week 21

When you look in the mirror these days, what do you see? Sexy curves or, well, Shamu? It's unlikely that you'll feel great about your body all the time -- every woman has at least one of those "Oh, my gosh, what's happening to me?" moments during pregnancy. But let us state the obvious: You are not fat -- you are pregnant! These nine months are a tiny little blip in the radar of your life, and you'll have your pre-baby body back (or at least something close to it) soon enough. In the meantime, appreciate your newfound voluptuousness. Show off your belly with a fitted T-shirt instead of hiding it under a tented top. And, hey, there's nothing wrong with flashing a little of that amazing new cleavage.