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10 Best Family Restaurants 2011

These chains get straight A's for offering families healthy and tasty food -- with a side of fun.
Mimi?s Café pancakes 8. Mimi's Caf?

145 locations in 24 states

It's been kid-friendly from Day 1. Since its first location opened outside Disneyland in 1978, Mimi's Cafe has been whipping up mouse-shaped pancakes and giving all kids in high chairs a free nibbler platter with a bib, cereal, and orange slices. Continually adding to the kids' menu, Mimi's has one of the most extensive of our survey, offering more than a dozen choices for an entr?e and seven side picks. The new grilled chicken and veggies (176 calories and 112mg sodium) and the much-loved turkey dinner (302 calories and 533mg sodium) are especially nutritious. "We also have four different kinds of milk -- plain whole, reduced-fat, and nonfat as well as chocolate," notes spokesperson Tina Richardson. Moms have lots of lower-cal, vitamin-packed options too -- like the Asian Chopped Salad and Salmon With Brown Rice and Veggies.