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10 Best Family Restaurants 2011

These chains get straight A's for offering families healthy and tasty food -- with a side of fun.
baby looking at menu

Who hasn't stopped to get something to eat while running errands with the kids or felt like not cooking one night and piled everyone into the car? To find out where your money buys you the most nutritious food and least stressful experience, Parents analyzed the calories, fat, saturated fat, and sodium on both the kids' and adult menus of more than 150 national restaurant chains. For the places with the most healthy options, we also scrutinized the quality of the ingredients such as whether there was organic milk or antibiotic-free chicken. Then we considered conveniences like call-ahead seating, online ordering, crayons to keep kids busy, and high chairs and boosters. Let us show you to the most family-friendly tables in America.