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9 Ways Toddlers Say 'I Love You'

Toddlers have their own set of love languages, expressing their love for you in different ways.
mom hugging happy son Discover the Love Languages of Toddlers

No one is more important in a toddler's life than Mommy and Daddy. Toddlers feel secure knowing you are there for them, and your availability is vital to their well-being. When my first child began walking, then running, I wondered if I was leaving behind that adoring baby, the one who cuddled and gave big, smiley greetings when I entered a room.

When toddlers make new discoveries, they exuberantly share each one with you as a way of showing their love and trust. In sharing life's joys and pleasures with you, your toddler feels good about herself because she has a reminder that "Mommy and Daddy always love me!" Even as a toddler expert, I did not envision the variety of ways that my own toddler would show his love. Turns out, there are many ways toddlers express their love, from making you chase after them to surprising you with a sticky lollipop. Read on to discover nine ways that toddlers say "I love you."