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Real-Life Love Stories

How do you define love? Motherboard Moms share their tales here. It's not always about the fireworks.
couple in love The Family

Motherboard Moms prove that a real love doesn't need to start with a scandal, heartbreak, or smut (although that makes for a great book!). Their most inspiring stories are ordinary tales of a chance meeting, a maternal memory, unsuspecting chemistry with a stranger, and even simply learning to love yourself.

"I married into the family at 16 years of age. I remember watching my mother-in-law quickly rolling out tortillas while hands from every direction were snagging them up and slathering butter all over them. The kitchen was hot and they were disappearing faster than she could whip them out but she never once complained. In fact, she never complained about anything in the whole time I knew her. She loved seeing her family eat. As a wife and mother, it was a job she took pride in. My mother-in-law passed away five years ago, so every single recipe I have from her is valuable to me. She made the best tortillas I have ever had. I'll never be able to make them like she did but I love her for teaching me and I love making them for my family because it's a small way to honor her. And I know that my family, specifically my husband, loves me for making them because it reminds him of her." —Lori