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Windows of Opportunity: Guidelines for Tricky Childhood Transitions

Timing is everything when it comes to raising kids. Our guidelines will make these tricky childhood transitions go more smoothly.
toddler holding sippy cup and smiling

My 1-year-old son, Ben, won't drink from a sippy cup, and I have only myself to blame. With two older kids distracting me, I simply forgot to introduce it between 7 and 9 months, when doctors say babies are most willing to make this transition. Now he pushes his sippy away every time I offer it, no matter how thirsty he is.

Luckily, Ben has learned to drink from a straw. But his extreme stubbornness highlights the importance of finding that "magic window" for every kid transition, from saying bye-bye to the Binky to removing a bike's training wheels. So mark your calendar -- we've gotten the word from experts about the ideal time to do almost everything.