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Valentine's Day Printmaking Crafts

Kids will love making these easy stamped Valentine's Day gifts.
Painted bubble wrap Bouquet Wrap How-To

What You'll Need: 16" square of bubble wrap, masking tape, 16" square of primed medium-weight canvas, 2 colors of acrylic paint, sponge brush, flowers, ribbon

Make It: Place bubble wrap face up on work surface and secure each corner with masking tape. Apply paint to bubble wrap using a sponge brush. Place canvas (white side down) on top of the paint-coated bubble wrap and gently rub the back to transfer paint. Lift canvas and repeat with a second paint color; set aside to dry. Place canvas print side down and place flowers on a diagonal, with blooms peaking out over the top left corner. Fold the bottom right corner of canvas up towards the top left corner. Fold the top right corner toward the bottom left corner, then fold the bottom left corner in and tie a length of ribbon around the bottom of the bouquet to secure.