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How to Set Boundaries for Baby

Your curious baby delights in mangling your glasses and yanking the dog's tail. Steer clear of trouble and set boundaries for tiny explorers.
Baby making mess How to Steer Clear of Trouble

Even the most angelic baby can act a little devilish sometimes -- pulling your hair, throwing her Cheerios all over the floor, or trying to stuff her waffle into the DVD player. While all that impish behavior may be annoying, keep in mind that your little rascal is just doing her job: learning all about the world around her. "At around 6 months to 1 year, babies are naturally explorers," says Robin Goldstein, Ph.D., professor of child development at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, and author of The New Baby Answer Book. "They're using all of their senses to get to know their environment, and that means they may try to touch, taste, or happily tear apart everything that's in sight."

Trying to instill rules or dole out punishments won't do any good at this age; your baby lacks the developmental ability and understanding of language to know right from wrong. But that doesn't mean you have to let her destroy your living room (or your new iPhone). With loving guidance you can steer her away from trouble while keeping your house and sanity intact.