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Your Family Electronics Buyer's Guide!

Tips and tricks for choosing this year's best electronic gifts -- at the best possible prices.
child on computer

Your toddler can't keep his hands off your cell phone. Your 8-year-old is sitting at your laptop every time you turn around. And your husband has hinted that he wants a new Blu-ray player. Gift lists aren't easy to decipher or pay for these days, especially when they involve electronics. In fact, in a recent poll, Motherboard Moms told us they're most worried about the price of electronic gifts and buying something that will not be obsolete next year. What's the answer? Doing your homework, says Jeanette Pavini, a household savings expert for Coupons.com in Mountain View, California. So we've done it for you! Here, Pavini and other experts save your budget with a gift guide you won't have to reboot.

*Note: Prices listed are retail, but you can find sales and discounts.