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Kid-Friendly Nut Recipes

Experts now agree you can (and should) give nuts to babies and toddlers. But how do you do it safely--and get your kid to actually eat them? We crack the code.
Girls eating nut pancakes The Real Allergy Stats

It's nerve-wracking to give your kid nuts for the first time--some parents even wait until their kids are in preschool or later to introduce them to tree nuts and peanuts (the latter are technically a legume, but they're often lumped in with nuts). Still, 95 percent of kids aren't going to develop a nut allergy no matter when nuts are introduced to them. One to 2 percent of kids will get it because they're genetically predisposed, and for the remaining kids, feeding them nuts at an earlier age may even help stop them from developing an allergy to begin with, says Robert Wood, M.D., director of pediatric allergy and immunology at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, in Baltimore.