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7 Ways to Improve Childhood Education Outside the Classroom

School is very important, but it's not the only setting where your children can learn. Read our seven suggestions for firing up your children's minds to learn beyond the school walls.
discovery at the beach

Your children don't need to be in close proximity to notebooks, book bags, whiteboards, and pop quizzes to learn. True learning isn't just about memorizing history facts and solving math problems. Learning is an interactive -- and lifelong -- process of analyzing, questioning, and discussing; learning is looking for new meanings and unique applications of knowledge in every situation.

There's a big world of questions, places, and people out there: Try to expose your children to as many meaningful experiences as possible. You'll broaden their knowledge, improve early childhood education, and cultivate the type of awareness and appreciation that can't be taught from a textbook. Read our seven suggestions for helping your children learn outside the classroom.

Adapted and reprinted with permission from Letters From Home: A Wake-Up Call for Success & Wealth (Wiley, 2010, www.ReiserMedia.com) by Andrea and David Reiser.