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10 Reasons to Act Like a Baby

It's true: a little crying, playing, and napping can be good for Mom too! Here's why.
mother and daughter Embrace Your Inner Child!

"Don't be such a baby!" It's one of the oldest taunts in the book. But what harried mother hasn't glanced at her tiny dictator in the highchair and thought, Hey, that doesn't look so bad! After all, babies have their every need catered to. They have precious few worries or obligations, and even their most primal instincts are indulged. Why, they even have people actively encouraging them to nap. Is that a good deal, or what?

Well, you can't go back to dumping carrots on your head and flinging the bowl on the floor, but there are quite a few "babyish" behaviors moms can enjoy—and even benefit from. Here are 10 ways to get in touch with your inner child.