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Trick-or-Treat! 15 Bag & Bucket Ideas

Tired of the plastic pumpkin? Here are 15 creative trick-or-treat bags and buckets to make for the kids on their favorite night of the year -- Halloween!
Jack-o-lantern treat bags Cereal Box Stencil Bags

Update a classic fabric tote with easy-to-make stencils and spooky sponge painting.

From the Blog: Alphamom, Designed by The Long Thread

-Fabric tote
-Fabric paint
-Stencil brush or sponge
-Cereal box
-Crafts knife and cutting mat
-Masking tape

1. Cut one of the largest rectangles from your cereal box.
2. Cut out jack-o'-lantern shapes with a crafts knife on a cutting mat. (An adult will need to do this part.)
3. Next, tape your template to the fabric and have your kids dab on the paint using a stencil brush or sponge (you could also use the end of a spongy paint roller). The trick to getting the paint on neatly is to hold the brush or sponge end perpendicular to the surface. Let dry.