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Family Movies With a Message

Who says TV can't be a learning experience? We've found eight family movies -- beloved classics and newer additions -- that can teach your child life lessons.
Babe Babe

Rated: G

Year: 1995

The Message: You should always follow your heart, not what others tell you to do.

Plot: An adorable piglet loses his mommy, and several animals on his farm, including a border collie, take over the job of raising him. But tragedy turns into triumph when Babe discovers his true calling in life: to herd sheep!

Why Kids Will Love It: Talking animals are endlessly fascinating -- especially one that's cute and scrappy and has a squeaky voice that is as fetching as his little pink piggy snout.

Highlight: Seeing Babe make like he's a sheepherding dog for the first time will be both thrilling and funny for your children -- and you. Plus, hearing the lovable piglet sing his happy tune is also pretty great.