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Creative and Healthy Ways to Serve Fruit for Dinner

What's our simple trick for making supper with your picky eater a whole lot easier? We swapped out vegetables for crowd-pleasing, nutrient-packed fruits in these 5 delicious recipes.
15-Minute Pasta Salad 15-Minute Pasta Salad

Just one serving of this strawberry-studded pasta salad delivers all the vitamin C your kid needs for the day.

Strawberries have as much of the B vitamin folate as broccoli, says Bethany Thayer, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Getting folate during pregnancy helps prevent certain kinds of birth defects. But it does other cool stuff too: In a study of nearly 8,000 kids and adults, doctors at Johns Hopkins Children's Center found that those with the highest blood levels of folate were 31 percent less likely to have been diagnosed with allergies than people who had the lowest folate levels. In addition, broccoli and strawberries are both packed with heart-smart plant compounds called lignans.

Nutrition per cup 140 calories; 5g protein; 5g fat (2g sat. fat); 17g carbs; 1g fiber; 107mg calcium; 1mg iron; 167mg sodium