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Pregnancy Drugstore Staples

Relief from pregnancy woes is seldom farther than a drugstore away. We've gathered a drugstore shopping list so you can ease your aches and pains while keeping your baby safe.
Pain pills Acetaminophen

Get rid of aspirin (which can cross the placental membrane and, in large doses, possibly cause heart problems for your baby), and avoid naproxen sodium and ibuprofen as well. Those pain relievers -- if they're taken in large doses -- can also be dangerous for the fetus. Instead, put Tylenol (acetaminophen) in their place. While two recent European studies have raised concerns about taking acetaminophen in pregnancy, more research is needed. Plus, experts say there are some situations, such as with fever, where the potential risk to a fetus from a mother not taking acetaminophen may be greater than that of taking it--and it's still considered safer than many other medications.