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Luau-Theme Birthday Party

Celebrate your child's next birthday by hosting a backyard luau party, complete with Hawaiian-inspired decor, food, games and more.
Luau themed birthday party Luau-Themed Birthday Ideas

Set the scene with Hawaiian-inspired décor. Greet guests with a tropical entryway made from bamboo, burlap, and brown shipping tubes.

What you'll need: Four 6"x 36" Kraft mailing tubes, brown duct tape, burlap, twine, 13 6' bamboo sticks, moss-covered floral wire, tropical leaves, 2 tent poles, thick colored yarn, large needle, scissors

Make it: Connect the ends of two mailing tubes with brown duct tape; repeat for other two tubes. Cover tubes with strips of burlap and use twine to secure. If desired, place bamboo sticks around the tubes and use moss-covered floral wire to secure in place. Slide a few tropical leaves under the bamboo or moss-covered floral wire. Insert two tent poles into the ground, about 4' apart, then slip each set of tubes over a tent pole to keep in place. Use twine to attach one bamboo stick across the top of the two wrapped tubes. Cut a 4'x 2 1/2' piece of burlap. Use a large needle to stitch desired phrase onto burlap with colored yarn. Thread a length of twine through the top corners of the burlap sign and wrap each end around the horizontal bamboo stick to hang.