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Camp Mom! 20 Activities to Make Summer Awesome for Everyone

There'll be no "I'm bored!" whining this summer! Make a staycation as fun for your kids as a week of summer camp with these awesome (and cheap) activities.
children huddled together Build a Team

Camp wouldn't be complete without group bonding. These games from Kris Bordessa, author of Team Challenges: 170+ Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication, and Creativity, encourage kids to work together to reach a goal.

Spider Web
Get set: Crisscross a web of yarn between too tress, leaving different-size gaps, all large enough for a child to fit through (older kids will get a kick out of squeezing through tighter spaces).

Cooperate: Gather players on one side of the web and then ask them to move the entire group through the web without touching it -- if anything accidentally touches the string, he must start over.

This activity will take some bending and stretching, and often a helping hand from other players.