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Clay Crafts Kids Will Love

Your children will adore rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling easy-to-sculpt clay into these fun and imaginative craft projects.
Caterpillar Sunglasses Caterpillar Sunglasses

This adorable Model Magic caterpillar will love to bask in the summer sun on a pair of your child's favorite colorful sunglasses.

Make It: Roll eight medium balls of Crayola Model Magic or clay for the caterpillar's body and one large ball for the head. Add eyes by rolling two small balls and adding tiny black balls to the centers. Press the caterpillar onto the sunglasses (if you're using clay that needs to be baked, read the package directions before pressing onto the sunglasses; you may need to hot-glue the caterpillar on after baking). Let the caterpillar dry completely before wearing the sunglasses.