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Styrofoam Crafts for Kids

You'll treasure these made-by-kids plastic foam crafts not only because they're adorable but because of the quality time you spent making them together.
Jumbo Bead Jewelry Jumbo-Bead Jewelry

Add some glamour to your child's games of dress-up by helping her create an easy-to-make plastic foam bead necklace and matching earrings.

Make It: Paint multiple 1-inch plastic foam balls by pouring 1 teaspoon each of several acrylic paint colors into separate resealable plastic bags. Turn the balls to coat with paint and use a toothpick to remove balls from the bags; place balls on waxed paper to dry. Once dry, make holes for the string by poking a wood skewer through each ball and sliding it up and down.

Thread the balls with a generous length of string. Tie the string together and secure with a drop of glue. For extra fun, make slip-on earrings by threading one or two beads on a short piece of string that can be tied and worn over the ears.